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Bacon, Yes Bacon! (Stay with me folks)

Ok, everyone take a deep breath, this is BEEF bacon, made from the brisket. If you can get a beef plate, that's even better! Not only is it clean, but it's far, far superior to pork bacon. Check out the video below, and ingredients below that. Enjoy!

Beef brisket bacon

2 tb black peppercorns

1 tb whole coriander -Toast in a dry pan until fragrant and grind coarse in a mortar and pestle, or spice/coffee grinder

1 tb espresso grind dark roast coffee (I used cafe bustello)

2 tb chili powder

3 tb salt

*2 tsp curing salt/Prague powder (optional, can use celery powder if you can find it -Amazon) 3 tb brown sugar

1 tb onion powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

***1tsp liquid smoke (optional if a smoker is not available)

Brisket or Beef Plate- Whole or part


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